dimecres, 14 de març de 2018


Avui  hem estat fent feina amb el blog i ens ho hem passat molt bé!


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Vam anar a un lloc a Alaior i ens van explicar l'ofici de pagès.
Ens ho vam passar molt bé! binixabó on PhotoPeach


Va venir n'Ana i vam fer un taller amb dinàmiques sobre l'autoestima i el respecte. Vam xalar molt! autoestima on PhotoPeach

dijous, 1 de febrer de 2018

We're ready for Carnival!

We've had two very busy weeks getting everything ready for Carnival and we did it! We have finished decorating the book of spells, colouring our costumes and badges and painting our magic wands. We only need to stick the marble to the tip of our wands. Soqui will help us with that, and Cam with the costumes. We really are looking forward to the Carnival Parade.

Science - Matter Properties - The Scientific Method

Today we have run different experiments in class. Last week we learnt the different properties of matter and we wanted to know which object was harder, more tenatious, more elastic,... Therefore, we had to decide how we could check on the objects' properties. After that we had to formulate a hypothesis and then we had to test it. But we had to make sure it was a fair test. The mnemonic "Cows Moo softly" helps us remember how to plan a fair test: Change one thing, Measure something and keep everything else the Same. We had to think hard but we really enjoyed it, and it's great for us, because it helps us become critical thinkers.

Art - Harry Potter

We are getting ready for carnival. It's the British Project - MEC 20th anniversay, so we are going to wear British inspired costumes. In 5th grade we are going to be Hogwarts' Academy students. Casto helped us cut the cardboard for the book of spells we are making, Soqui has helped us make the magic wands we will take to the Carnival parade. We are very busy making our costumes.